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A successful tech transfer can create ripple effects in life sciences and beyond. ZAETHER understands a streamlined tech transfer process optimizes efficiency and helps your company reach its potential.


What is digital tech transfer?

Digital tech transfer is the use of digital technologies to facilitate and optimize the process of transferring knowledge, equipment, materials, and methods between different sites or teams.

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Do you experience these challenges?
  • Paper documentation and inevitable process changes that require revisiting and reworking data sets and documents

  • Stressful coordination across departments, locations, roles and responsibilities, and service partners

  • Costly maintenance of duplicated data across disparate systems

Benefits of digital tech transfer
  • Digital product and process knowledge enables efficiency of sharing, access, change management, and use in quality and regulatory processes

  • Digital tech transfer is more nimble in scaling, moving from one phase to the next, and transferring to a new lab or facility

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a human-centered approach to
digital tech transfer

With deep experience and a proven approach to creating a vision for an outcome, digital roadmaps, and overseeing design, build, and post-implementation adoption, ZAETHER brings industry expertise together with technology know-how and a commitment to human-centered process improvement. ZAETHER will understand your tech transfer ecosystem and help you establish KPIs for improvement, recommend a technology roadmap and architecture, select and pilot technologies and processes, and support you through implementation and adoption to ensure sustained benefits.


Digital Tech Transfer Journey:

Data Map from Development to Manufacturing

Explore a detailed breakdown of how to develop digitally enabled process and product knowledge transfer between process development and manufacturing.

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ZAETHER Collaboration

Tech transfer starts with considering a knowledge management platform to provide a single source of truth for all process and product data. The digital knowledge management market is nascent, and ZAETHER is collaborating with like-minded technology and service organizations who understand the importance of an outcomes approach to the problem of digital tech transfer.

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Let's Talk

In the age of accelerating biotech discovery and digital enablement, the challenges are everywhere – but so are the opportunities and solutions. Let’s talk about where you want to take your innovations.

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